Mission Objectives

  • Kill the Nightmare Spikes
  • Hinder the Nightmare Womb from giving birth
  • Kill the Nightmare Womb
  • Kill the Offspring(*)

(*Only if fail to kill the Nightmare Womb before time is up)

Kill the Nightmare Womb mission. First you need to kill the three Nightmare Spikes in order of which is not immune to attacks. The one that is not immune will not have a spell activated when you select it. Its usually best to check each spike before you begin to figure out which one you have to attack first, then which one you have to attack after you defeat the first one. You are being timed so if you do not defeat the spikes and then the Womb in time, then the womb will give birth to multiple new enemy squads which you will need to defeat in order to complete the mission. If you defeat the Womb in time, she will either drop the ingredient Mother's Heart or one of three formulas for the hearts. Same map as Hunted Hunters and Mountain.